Thursday, January 12


What a week. I've finished up editing two film projects and made major progress towards a complete redesign of our company's web site (10 million monthly visits, believe it or not). I haven't had a whole lot of time for posting and anyway, others have said most of what I wanted to, better.

But I've just sat down to watch Hardball, and I'm getting nauseous hearing Chris Matthews and his two guests creating an idol from Lindsay Graham's performance at the Alito hearings, and then worshipping it. Graham Cracker was "statesmanlike" -- "like John Danforth, he got above the sweat of politics." He defended Mrs. Alito's husband "masterfully" and brought her to tears in doing so.

By the way, they agree that after she cried, the hearings were over, that ended it. I'm so pleased to see such compassion for a wife whose husband is being questioned about his own lack of compassion, after the noticeable lack of any such tender mercy for past Democratic wives such as Hillary Clinton.

But I digress. Sen. Lindsay Graham, who briefly showed a spark of decency in challenging the president's secret NSA spy program and thereby angered the wingnuts, has "masterfully" reversed that threat to his political ambition by demagoguing ("Sir, are you a closet bigot?") and is the media's new hero.

So here, in honor of Sen. Lindsay Graham, is my quickly composed version of a familiar song:

(sung to the tune of "The Tracks Of My Tears")

People say I'm the star of my party
I evoked a tear or two
Oh baby, now I'm laughing loud and hearty
My ambitions are renewed
Just take a good look at my face
It shows my glee at scoring an ace
My new success will follow the pace
Of the tracks of her tears.

It's so neat that I'm now being lauded
And the Dems are demonized
I love the way they're blamed and scolded, shamed
When I'M the one who made her cry.
And now they're deep in public disgrace
And I'm the one with media grace
I'm in the right-wing's tender embrace
It's the fact of her tears.

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