Saturday, January 28


Bush hypocrisy strikes again. He's promising a "full inquiry" into the death of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, but he's stonewalling domestic inquiries into the Hurricane Katrina debacle and opposed the 9/11 Commission.

His Republican Congress refuses to investigate the Bush Administration's use and abuse of pre-war intelligence relating to Iraq, the Bush Administration's withholding of key information about its Medicare drug benefit proposal, the disclosure of an undercover CIA officer's identity by senior Administration officials, the inclusion of political contributors and corporate special interests in Vice President Cheney's National Energy Policy Development Group, the Administration's policies and practices related to the use of torture on detainees in Abu Ghraib and other detention centers, abuses by contractors in Iraq that cost taxpayers billions of dollars, etc. The White House refuses to disclose the nature of contacts between Jack Abramoff and White House staff (including the executive). Bush and his minions will never cooperate with investigations into the president's unlawful authorization of domestic NSA wiretaps, his policy of rendition of prisoners to countries that torture, or the secret prisons abroad used by the CIA to imprison and interrogate (and probably torture) suspected insurgents and terrorists, and depriving American citizens of their Constitutional rights to legal representation and the opportunity to face their accusers in an open court.

But the Chimpster pledges to get to the bottom of a foreign national's murder. He has lots of indignant sympathy for the Lebanese's son's grief, but none for ordinary Americans who have been scorched by his ill-conceived-and-executed policies and none for innocent American troops and Iraqis who have died because of them.

Why does George Bush hate America?

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