Friday, February 24


Oh my. So they're discussing Dubya's position on the Dubai Ports World deal just now on Hardball and speculating about the racist aspects of politicians and others being uncomfortable with a company owned by Arabs being in charge of six of the nation's most critical ports (as well as two ports that ship 40% of the Army's material abroad).

Chris Matthews: "But now the president is looking like a wise man. He's looking like Atticus Finch outside the sheriff's office standing up to the lynchmob."

Puh-LEEEZE. Dubya has spent the past four and a half years terrifying Americans about the threat posed to their lives by Islamofascists, and now he's a courageous statesman standing up to racists by saying it's okay to actually put a country with an off-again-on-again terrorist-friendly record in a position of power relative to our most sensitive ports?

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