Wednesday, February 15


I am so sick of that chickenhawk and his minions blustering and playing the tough kid on the playground at everyone else's expense.

Okay, I understand the principle that negotiating with terrorists breeds more terrorism. But if we've wrongly incarcerated innocent female prisoners, AND WE KNOW IT, and we were planning to release them anyway, why not just say ha ha, you went to a lot of trouble for nothing, we were going to let them go even before you demanded it, and do it? A woman's life is at stake here.

According to Iraqi officials, U.S. officials delayed the scheduled release of six female prisoners whom they knew had already been found innocent because of the kidnappers' demand for their release. Then they refused to speed up the review of the files of the five remaining female prisoners, in violation of a policy of giving priority to females in the review of detainee files for release.

Had the normal policy been followed, it is very likely that all the women held by the United States would have been released by now. By delaying the releases of female detainees to strike a tough anti-terrorism pose, the administration has increased the risk to Jill Carroll's life.

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