Friday, February 17


Don't tell me Bush isn't a racist when he keeps on making appointments like these. I don't care how many brown faces he surrounds himself with, he's deliberately and incessantly fixed on rolling back civil rights. Of course, people like him will always make way for "elites" like Condi. But in general they'll defend the same old boys network to the death.

Where does he find these people? No sooner had President Bush returned last week from Coretta Scott King's funeral than he nominated to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals a lawyer with a terrible record on civil rights.
In March 1992, Frank Parker, then director of the Lawyers' Committee's voting rights project, said that Wallace's conduct in the Mississippi redistricting case showed Wallace "lacks the integrity, judicial temperament and respect for legal proceedings necessary for appointment to the judicial bench."

The White House knows who Wallace is and what he represents.
The White House seems confident that Senate Democrats are so cowed that Bush can nominate virtually anyone to these important courts, no matter how egregious the record.

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