Tuesday, February 14


Miss Molly opines:

I was offended by the never-our-fault White House spin team. Cheney adviser Mary Matalin said of her boss, "He was not careless or incautious (and did not) violate any of the (rules). He didn't do anything he wasn't supposed to do." Of course he did, Ms. Matalin, he shot Harry Whittington.

Which brings us to one of the many paradoxes of the Bush administration, which claims to be creating "the responsibility society." It's hard to think of a crowd less likely to take responsibility for anything they have done or not done than this bunch. They're certainly good at preaching responsibility to others — and blaming other people for everything that goes wrong on their watch.

Let me reiterate: Stop blaming the victim! I don't care if Harry is willing to say it's all his fault. He's a gentleman, a loyal friend and Republican supporter -- of COURSE he's willing to fall on his sword for the Veep. But the media doesn't have to keep repeating ad nauseum the canard that because he approached Cheney from behind and didn't yell out, "I'm back, fellas!" he's responsible for his own shooting.

Look, it's ALWAYS the shooter's fault unless the victim runs into the line of fire. Whittington didn't do that. He was, remember, BEHIND Cheney. Cheney turned and shot without checking his line of sight first. That's all there is to it.

It was an accident, of course (although I'm suspicious about the timing of the announcement -- that 20 hours would have given Cheney time to get the alcohol out of his bloodstream). But the one who was responsible was the one who pulled the trigger.

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