Saturday, March 11


Bush's fire sale for public lands. How else are we going to finance rural education? We're broke and in debt up the wazzoo.

The American public is just beginning to learn how America is in hock to foreign investment. The Dubai ports deal was just the visible part of the iceberg. The Pentagon has outsourced traditional functions of our military to private corporations, we've outsourced the operations of our ports to foreign-owned companies, Bush has put hundreds of millions of dollars into the hands of private faith-based organizations to perform formerly government social services, he is still determined and plotting to privatize Social Security, with or without the consent of the governed. What's the sale of hundreds of thousands of acres of national forest in the light of all that?

When voters understand to what extent the Bush administration has advanced the privatization/globalization (read: sale) of American assets, jobs, public agencies, and functions of government, the Republicans will face an angry, bitter populace.

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