Wednesday, March 15


Pew Research poll has Bush approvals at 33%.

Hear that? Only ONE IN THREE polled approve of Bush's performance.

That's down from a 40% approval in the February Pew poll. His disapproval is 57%, up from 52% last month. 35% of those polled said he's a "good manager" and 38% say he is "well informed."

30% said Democratic Congressional leaders showed better judgment on the Dubai ports deal than their Republican counterparts (20%).

Bush's support is waning across his base: among conservative Republicans (from 87% to 78% approval); moderate/liberal Republicans (from 71% to 65%); 2004 Bush voters (from 81% in February 06 to 68% in March); white Evangelicals (approvals drop from 64% to 54%); his approvals also dipped significantly among those with annual incomes of more than $75K, Southerners, rural, whites both men and women.

Rating Bush's personal characteristics, 56% said he is "out of touch" with what is going on in the government.

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Blogger mikevotes said...

I think Pew is a little bit of an outlier. I would guess the real number right now is around 36%.

But the important information is the trend info and you cover that pretty well.

Continued sliding support, most notably among white males and Republicans.

(I know, but they're treated as seperate categories in the polling.)


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