Thursday, March 2


Oh I just love it when Lou Dobbs goes righteous.

He just aired a clip of former Pentagon spokeswoman Torie Clarke saying something to the effect of, "I can forgive the American people [that part of the quote is verbatim] for not understanding the Dubai ports deal. They're busy people, they have things to do, they shouldn't have to be informed, there are people supposed to do that."

Lou captioned the segment "I Can Forgive" and then made the post-clip remark, "I wanted to share that with you personally because I think it's a metaphor for an attitude, an attitude that is prevalent in [this administration] this town. It's a metaphor for an attitude that I think is unfortunate."

UPDATE: Republican strategist-par-winningance Ed Rollins just put the shiv into Torie. "I'd like to say to Torie Clarke, who's a friend, that maybe the American people will forgive HER for standing up every day and defending Don Rumsfeld when he was leading the country into the miasma that is Iraq." (something like that)

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