Tuesday, March 14


We're never getting out of Iraq if BushCo has anything to say about it.

US policymakers have replaced the Cold War with the Long War for Global Empire and Unchallenged Military Hegemony. This is the lens through which we must view Iraq to better understand why there are permanent US bases there.

In the Quadrennial Defense Review Report released on February 6, 2006, there is a stated ambition to fight "multiple, overlapping wars" and to "ensure that all major and emerging powers are integrated as constructive actors and stakeholders into the international system." The report goes on to say that the US will "also seek to ensure that no foreign power can dictate terms of regional or global security. It will attempt to dissuade any military competitor from developing disruptive or other capabilities that could enable regional hegemony or hostile action against the United States or other friendly countries, and it will seek to deter aggression or coercion. Should deterrence fail, the United States would deny a hostile power its strategic and operational objectives."

In sum, what is the purpose of permanent US military garrisons in Iraq and the implicit goals of these government documents?


That's a perfect scenario for Dubya. He just loves costumes/uniforms, professional perks and people bowing down to him. And it's a lot easier than governing a democratic republic.

Anybody up for a contest to name the new American hegemony? How about the Wholly Christian Empire?

UPDATE: Abizaid says U.S. may want to keep permanent U.S. bases in Iraq.

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