Sunday, March 19


John McCain positions himself as Bush's heir, hires political director of Bush-Cheney '04.

Take note, Democrats and Independents who admire the opportunistic Arizona senator. Contrary to many Rethug Congresspersons these days, McCain's primary activity seems to be to reduce any space between himself and Dubya.

UPDATE: TPM Muckraker has more:

But there's one crucial, telling detail about Terry Nelson that the Post leaves out. And that's his role in the money laundering scheme for which Tom DeLay is being prosecuted down in Texas.

Nelson was the deputy chief of staff of the Republican National Committee in 2002 when the alleged crime occurred. His role was crucial, although he hasn't been charged. He's named right there in the indictment.

DeLay and his money men, John Colyandro and Jim Ellis, are accused of trying to get around a Texas law against using corporate money to fund candidates. To do that, they wrote a check to the RNC and had the RNC bounce the money back to the Texas candidates they wanted to fund. According to the indictment, the scheme was laid out to Terry Nelson, and he made sure the RNC carried it out.

So what gives? Sen. McCain, Mr. Campaign Finance Reform, has just hired a man who (allegedly) played a key role in breaking a campaign finance law to advise him on how to spend his PAC's money. Anything to win in '08?

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Blogger Left of Center said...

We knew he was taking it in the rear for a reason.

6:39 PM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

I have to admit, there were times during the '04 presidential battle that I admired McCain for refusing to criticize his friend John Kerry and for disdaining the Swift Boat attack on his military record. But the minute he stepped up to embrace Bush and hit the campaign trail for him so vigorously I knew him for the hypocritical opportunist he is.

5:19 AM  

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