Tuesday, March 7


More from South Dakota.

Mikevotes gets an e-mail from a friend in South Dakota, who explains the implications of the new South Dakota anti-abortion law.

Just think about that for a minute. Under current South Dakota law, taking into account the total abortion ban signed today by the governor, it is completely realistic that a woman who has been raped will have to carry the baby to term, and then potentially come into repeated contact with her rapist in court hearings and, at the very least, child visitation.

And even if the whole thing is managed through social services somehow, imagine how it would feel when you're child comes home from his "visit" and tells you how great his dad is.

Just how sick are these South Dakota politicians?

I'll tell you how sick. These are louts who love to blame womankind because "Eve tempted man and got him thrown out of the Garden of Eden" and are prepared and eager to punish women forevermore.

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Blogger Leslie said...

Hi No More Apples,
FYI, I'm adding you to my bloglist, along with Born at the Crest of the Empire and Left of Center.

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Blogger Motherlode said...

Thanks -- that's great company to be in!

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