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I was about to post about how sick I am of the ever-present and ever-useful excuse of "We're at war!" when I discovered that Skippy had already spoken for me:

there are three prongs of logic that defeat the entire "he's a wartime president, so don't be mean to him" defense. and they each one depend on which "war" the repubbbs are talking about when they parrot this talking point, to wit:

* the iraq war: awol started this one his own self, and convinced us all ("all" being the loosest definition possible, certainly not you or us) to attack iraq based on false evidence; at best he is incompetent, at worst he is a liar; in either case he doesn't get a "king's x from criticism" out of a war he himself initiated.

* the afghanistan war: this one is a slight corollary to the above. if awol had concentrated on actually finding bin laden, instead of diverting focus, energy, resources and lives into the iraq debacle, we'd most likely have that terrorist sitting in the cell where saddam currently resides, and there would be no war for awol to hide behind.

* the war on "terror": this one is our favorite, because it's so incredibly outrageous on its face, that it's fun to simply state the facts and watch the hardly-ever-rightwing logic melt away, like so many wicked witches of the west after a bucket of water.

setting aside the impossibility of waging a "war" on a technique (a "war on left flanks!" a "war on garroting!"), rather than an actual recognized political state or country of human enemies, the "war on terror," if it exists, has been waged by the united states at least since the attack on the marine base in beirut during reagan's administration.

by the current definition of "war on terror," every modern president since the 80's has been a "wartime president," including awol's daddy, as well as (and this is important), bill clinton (witness the the first attack on the wtc and uss cole).

yes, bill clinton, whom the repubbbs had no problem impeaching for a sexual relationship. we'll repeat that: bill clinton, a wartime president as defined by the current standards being used now, was impeached by the repubbblican party (and the vichy democrats) for a sexual relationship.

How long has the "war on drugs" been going on? Would you believe since 1880? Or, at the very least, in the modern era since 1971 under Nixon. Boy, a lot of presidents sure missed out on co-opting THAT excuse, didn't they?

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