Saturday, April 22


Sally, you HAVE to read this post at Left of Center.

I'm not sure if the percentages are accurate, but the essence is brilliant.

UPDATE: Is it just me and The Sage (and my friend Sally), or do other libs/progs fantasize about moving outside the U.S.A.? I know in my heart we never will because we couldn't bear to be apart from our five offspring and sprawling loving extended family, but I continue to scan "International Living" on the off-chance that I'll discover an affordable haven where we can distance ourselves from the trainwreck BushCo has made of our beloved country. About once a month I initiate a conversation with the hubby (that's The Sage, for new readers) about selling our house and moving into an apartment so we'll be liquid enough to escape the coming conflagration.


Blogger Left of Center said...

One can fantasize. However, most modern, western countries have imigration laws that make our seem like kindergarten. It's like you have a to be a scientist or computer guru to get their equivilant of a green card. thanks for the link.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Libby said...

I think about daily but I'm nearing retirement age anyway. I never wanted to get old here even when moderately sane people ran the place.

Check out Belize. You can hold dual citizenship, it's still not grossly overdeveloped or overrun with Americans like Costa Rica, it's civilized and they speak English. A tad on the expensive side but I'm thinking one might offset that with a tourist related business.

4:49 PM  

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