Saturday, April 8


Other presidents have been content to preside over a weapons buildup without feeling any temptation to actually use them. Not Dubya. He reminds me of a child who, with nothing else to DO, just can't resist unwrapping hidden-away presents and playing with them.

Bush just keeps escalating world tensions like a kid with attention deficit hyperactive disorder who agitates everyone around him to a peak anger and/or frustration simply because he has to fill every moment with excitement or suffer the boredom of the damned.

The burning fear of the nuclear age has been, "What if someone insane or irresponsible got their hand on the button?"

We just may find out. God help us all.

UPDATE: Born At The Crest Of Empire has more.

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Blogger Left of Center said...

Strange indeed. i just wrote about his Iranian plans as per Seymore Hersh.

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