Monday, April 3


Remember the roars of laughter from the wingnuts when AirAmerica was launched? Now just two years old, the progressive radio network is doing very well and is seeking to buy its own radio stations.

Anita and Sheldon Drobny, two of the founders of Air America Radio, are taking the next step to ensure that liberal programming stays on the air: obtaining radio stations.

The couple has announced plans to begin buying or leasing radio stations across the United States through their new company, Nova M Radio.
Air America programming is broadcast on 89 stations around the country. Sheldon Drobny said Nova M planned to acquire control of 20 to 25 stations in its first year and he said he thought the number could grow to more than 100 stations in three years.

I, for one, look for reasons to leave the office during the afternoon so I can hear a bit of Ed Schulz. And thank goodness for Randi Rhodes who drives home with me and consoles me that there are signs of intelligence on the radio again (you should have seen Lou Dobbs totally fall for Randi a couple of weeks ago!). Kudos also to Sam and Al and Janeane and Jerry and the whole gang.



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