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Interesting. National Journal looks into the sources of Hillary's strength among Democratic voters.

She polls out of sight against John Kerry (57% to 30%), Al Gore (57% to 29%), John Edwards (52% to 33%) and "flavor-of-the-month" ex-Governor Mark Warner of Virginia (61% to 15%). She's got a whopping 78% favorability rating with a 40% "strongly favorable."

An optimist's way of looking at the results of the "why" question about Clinton is that nearly half said they either agreed with her positions or believed she'll work in a "bipartisan" way. That sounds awfully reminiscent of what these Democrats would say they miss most about Bill Clinton.
Her support is clearly deep enough that she can afford to lose voters (hence her comfort in moving to the right whenever she can). And considering how much money she'll have for her campaign, it would take a monumental blunder to knock her off the front-runner perch any time in 2007. To think she's already the first or second choice with a majority of Democrats this early in the process shows that she's got a floor of support that's higher than most of her rivals' ceilings.

Of course, they didn't match her up with Evan Bayh, Mark Feingold, or Joe Biden -- but they say they selected Kerry, Gore and Edwards because they have a similar name recognition factor to Hillary's.

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