Friday, April 28


This is so ridiculous, I can't believe it. Wingnuts are making a fuss over some Hispanic singing stars recording a version of our national anthem in Spanish (you can listen here. It's a subject on all right-wing talk shows today. Heaven forbid! How dare they! Even the pResident opined that the sacred song should only be sung in English.

Howard Dean on Hardball: "I'm a patriot, I'm pleased to have our national anthem sung in any language, I'd be proud to have it sung in German."

[On a different subject: "The president's guest-worker program is indentured servitude." Go, Howard!!!]

I'm sorry, but I was taught in school Christmas carols in German, Spanish and French. Was that a sacrilege? I'm pleased and proud to have any songs praising our national values and character sung in ANY language. Does anyone seriously object to Elvis', Whitney Houston's, or even Roseanne Barr's (heaven help us musically!) versions of the Star Spangled Banner because they were not school-choir conformist? If Selina had sung it in Spanish, we would have been thrilled to hear her concert crowds singing along.

How could this possibly be objectionable? It simply gives more validity to the belief that the whole subject of illegal immigration is another Karl Rove-type distraction from the real issues confronting us.

As a patriot, I am, as Dean said, pleased to hear praise and loyalty to our nation sung in ANY language.



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