Saturday, April 1


Thanks to the Zacarias Moussaoui trial, we now have some details from inside the 9/11 planning from the mouth of its mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Seems Al Qaeda never expected 9/11 to do so much damage or that the U.S. would respond with such force.

As the article's author points out, that sounds, well ... familiar. BushCo never expected the Iraq war to be so "catastrophically successful," either, or that the Iraqis would respond to the Americans and the occupation with such force.

KSM also says that Osama was pretty much out of the planning for 9/11. He sounds more like a ceremonial figure than a strategic leader. As I read that passage I could just see OBL/Dubya waving his hand and saying "Go kill me some Americans/Muslims in a way that'll wake them up" and then playing the Big Shot to trainees and other visitors while others plan, execute and take responsibility for the real action.

As I've said before, Osama Bin Laden has just LOTS in common with George W. Bush.

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