Monday, April 17


Oh, glory. I just arrived home from work and WE'VE GOT AIR CONDITIONING. It's 102 degrees in Dallas, and we're having rolling blackouts. I was afraid I'd walk into a house with no power. Of course, it could still happen, but by then it'll be evening and presumably more bearable.

There's record heat in another way. Local right-wing talk radio is incensed by the remarks of a University of Texas at Arlington political science professor, Jose Angel Gutierrez. Well, Gutierrez is certainly a racist who advocates the violent eradication of whites so that a number of these southwestern United States can be reclaimed by Mexicans. He's the equivalent of any number of white supremacists who likewise would like to see all ethnic groups exterminated or subjugated to the "master race." But it is ludicrous to believe that Gutierrez and his followers are more than a fringe movement.

I deplore anyone using the inflammatory rhetoric of obviously sick and disgusting individuals to stir up fear and loathing for an entire community that by huge margins rejects their philosophy. But I don't object to information about the movement. Racism of any ilk should be exposed, and despised.

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