Wednesday, April 26


Wheeeee dogies. Democratic Underground has posted a letter to RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman from a big Republican donor who has "sober(ed) up." I especially like his phrase, "Illegals are taking wages Americans won't -- not necessarily jobs they won't do."


I’ve observed that the RNC is basically a creature of the Bush Administration at this time, i.e. we seem to be expected to sing from the same hymnal as the President on virtually every issue. While I hope it will prove “worth it”, I don’t think I’m alone in the major donor community feeling disappointed that Iraq took on such a singular priority on our watch to the near exclusion of other issues. And, I have never really gotten over the blow to my confidence caused by the nomination of Harriet Miers – I think the polls started dropping then since many likewise saw it as a case of inexplicably poor judgment, and wondered how that case might relate to decision-making in general.

I believe the Administration’s championship of a long-term “guest worker” plan is another poor decision for the country as well as for the Republican Party. Illegals are taking wages Americans won’t – not necessarily jobs they won’t do.
As much as I would like to continue supporting the Party at this level, I can’t in good conscience write another $25,000 check at this time. So long as I have personal reservations, I can’t be effective asking others for money, so I need to resign as one of the Eagles chairs. I hope the President will reconsider his position on immigration reform. I look forward to supporting only candidates who will stand up for American sovereignty, and I hope to support the national Republican Party again when it is no longer aligned with only one Republican’s views.

Best regards,

Jack Overstreet

P.S. I hope you will pass along this note to Karl. I hate to see the electoral coalition you guys so remarkably assembled be destroyed as we wrap it up. The faulty position on “guest workers” is likely to create the unusual spectacle of our base not bothering to vote this fall, and it comes at a time when most of our supporters are pretty unimpressed with us in general. While I have never seen this President willingly modify any position once adopted, there’s always hope. Do you really understand the depth of the problem when check writing junkies like me…sober up?



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