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Ted Kennedy seems to think that Harry Reid went too far in negotiations with Senate Republicans over a compromise immigration bill.

From what I've been able to read, the Hagel-Martinez compromise sounds like an acceptable solution. But Reid's primary concerns (1. that allowing unlimited amendments by dozens of Republicans who fiercely oppose the bill would likely gut it; and 2. that a guaranteed bipartisan committee should be appointed to work on reconciliation with the House version) are the result of five years of experience with Republicans shutting Dems out of the process, and demonstrate Harry's realistic assessment of how the Rethugs work and a healthy skepticism about their promises.

"I think politics got in front of policy on the issue here, and there's plenty of blame to go around," Kennedy said. "I know there were some members of my caucus who wanted more assurances. My own sense is that it would have ultimately happened."

Hey Ted, Harry's politics are an attempt to PROTECT the policy. You should know better than to trust Bill Frist an inch. We've had five years of Rethuglican assurances, and they're vaporware. Now we want guarantees.

UPDATE: Kevin Drum says the same thing, in more detail.

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