Monday, May 8


Suddenly there's a rash of speculation as to whether Al Gore might be readying a run for the presidency in '08 (also see here and here). I hope that is so, not because he was elected president in 2000 and robbed of the office but because I believe he is electable and is the right man for the job.

Gore has not only established himself as a man of continuing public service but as a man who will speak the truth. Almost alone among Democratic politicians (Howard Dean is another), he has been early, openly and vociferously critical of this administration and its disastrous policies, making himself "the conscience of the Democratic Party." When other Dems crumbled before the Bush juggernaut in the post-9/11 period, Gore opposed the invasion of Iraq and the Patriot Act. In recent years he has lost that policy-wonk stiffness and learned to speak simply and passionately. He has no potential scandals to plague his candidacy. He has the advantage of being associated with the successful Clinton administration in which he presided over the "better government" initiative where he improved government efficiencies, without actually being a polarizing Clinton (i.e., Hillary).

He served honorably in the military. He is a family-friendly candidate, a man of faith who doesn't use his faith for political purposes. The media did its worst on him in 2000, and I think he's prepared now to fight back. He can motivate the left and reassure the center. He's an idealist with a practical streak, and best of all, he's the man who won the popular vote in 2000 -- and two thirds of American voters now seem to regret that we got Bush instead.

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Blogger Left of Center said...

Gore/Feingold 08!

9:10 PM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

What a ticket THAT would be!

2:10 AM  

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