Wednesday, May 10


I was still thinking about what Bush's presidency really says about the man when I came across this outrageous story.

At a meeting at a center for the elderly here where Mr. Bush took questions from the audience, Janet Wilson, 79, asked him to extend the deadline, citing problems in the sign-up system.

"I would beg — not for myself — because there were logjams," Ms. Wilson said. "They were shuffling the phone calls directly to Medicare."

Mr. Bush replied: "Deadlines are important. Deadlines help people understand there's finality, and people need to get after it, you know?"

So deadlines are important for the elderly -- they need to "get after" their registration for the complicated, costly Medicare D prescription program -- but out of the question for Iraq. Except, of course, when it comes to showcase elections that demonstrate "progress" just in time to influence American elections.

In other words, the "decider" has decided that helping ensure that confused, elderly citizens get the medicine they need to preserve their health and lives is not as important as sticking to the schedule so that the pharmaceutical industry and insurance companies can start to enjoy the enormous profits they were promised. The pompous, heartless, arrogant imperial president has decided. So get after it, you whiny old farts.

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