Tuesday, May 16


Whoever thought that I would agree with David Frum?

Of course, there's a caveat: the latter parts of his diary, where he speculates that Bush actually wants a Democratic majority in Congress, are just plain crazy.

When the Bush administration fitfully attempts to enforce the immigration laws, it looks for measures that meet four criteria:

They must be 1) spectacular; 2) expensive; 3) unsustainable; and 4) ineffective.

The proposal to deploy the National Guard to the border meets all four!

This plan won't work, and it is not seriously meant to work. It's supposed to look dramatic and buy the president some respite from negative polls - and then it is supposed to fail, strengthening the administration's case for its truly preferred approach: amnesty + guestworkers.

If there is one truth about immigration that should have been learned since the last amnesty it is: The immigration laws cannot be enforced at the border. They have to be enforced in the interior space of the country. Create an accessible, reliable system for employers to confirm the legal status of their employees; require employers to use it; check compliance; and punish cheaters - that's what you have to do to enforce the law. If don't do that, you can send the National Guard to occupy Mexico City or dig a moat along the Rio Grande and fill it with man-eating alligators, and it won't matter: Your enforcement will fail.

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Blogger Left of Center said...

"They must be 1) spectacular; 2) expensive; 3) unsustainable; and 4) ineffective."

Bush Hallmarks.

6:37 AM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

Isn't that great? You could apply it to just about any Bush action imaginable.

8:18 AM  

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