Friday, May 5


As encouraging as the latest polls are, I fear that we could face another 2000 or 2004 -- in other words, a stolen election. Bill Schneider is saying now on CNN that voters may take their anger out on Republicans during the mid-term elections, but that will not matter if the Rethug conspiracy to control voting is allowed to continue. This may be the most important issue confronting us, for if "one man, one vote" no longer holds, democracy is circumvented.

Despite the pollster's claims that the Republicans are in deep trouble in the coming elections, they will win again if attention is not paid to the way they conduct their election business. It is business to them -- power means profits -- and profits buy more power. It will take an aroused and enlightened electorate to make certain that the past is not prelude to the future. As a recent convert to the notion of a conspiracy, I pass on this warning in my best conspiratorial manner. Watch out! And look under every rock. The bad guys are determined to win again, and they will if the people do not understand the danger our democracy faces from them. Psst! Trust me on this.

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