Tuesday, May 16



Here's your antidote just in case someone mentions to you they've found traces of highly enriched uranium in Iran's nuclear program. And if Bush's approval numbers go any lower in the polls, expect the Dick and Karl Show to go spouting off about it to any media willing to give them a platform.

Kevin Drum has a pretty good synopsis of Bush doublespeak in his immigration speech last night:

Nickel version: Beef up the borders with troops and high tech wizardry but insist that it's not "militarization"; start up a guest worker program that's not called a guest worker program; introduce an amnesty program but insist that it's not an amnesty program (it's not, it's not, it's not!); and crack down on employers who employ illegal immigrants while pretending that they're actually victims of highly sophisticated fraud rather than willing coconspirators aided and abetted by the business wing of the Republican Party.

And here's Karl Rove saying that polls show the majority of Americans like Bush, they really like him!

Why anyone believes anything these guys say anymore, I don't know, but for those who do ...

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