Sunday, May 7


Tim Russert is trying to trip up Nancy Pelosi by replaying remarks of hers indicating opposition to U.S. withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Only problem is, they're more than a year and a half old. He also played one of Steny Hoyer opposing withdrawal -- a statement made eight months ago. Pelosi, not the most gifted speaker, nevertheless is holding her own by pointing out that TODAY all Democrats are united in demanding a significant redeployment by the end of the year. She keeps insisting that Bush has yet to give us a plan for disengagement, and that military experts (Rep. John Murtha and the revolting generals) have said that our current course is ill-serving our fighting men and women.

She wouldn't say, though, that Democrats would roll back the Bush tax cuts. (WHY NOT????) She said we should send our energy dollars to the MidWest instead of the Middle East. Nice phrase.

Interruption. Missed the rest

The outline for a Democratic House agenda is here. Dems are "increasingly confident" that they will win a majority of House seats in the mid-term elections.

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