Wednesday, May 17


Cool. Ezra Klein is starting a Gore watch.

Run, Al, run! Give America another chance.

The media is rife with speculation, and Fox News is on the attack.

Kathleen Sullivan, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, said Gore looks better each day Bush is president.

"For some people, it took six years of George Bush to wake up and realize that Al Gore was the real deal," Sullivan said.

And Big Oil is running scared.

As Arianna wrote this week:

Whether Al Gore ends up running in 2008 or not, he is modeling the way our public figures, and especially our would-be presidents, should be operating -- from the heart and true to themselves. Standing for something more important than just winning, and more powerful than the fear of losing.

Candidates -- and especially Democratic ones -- need to stop fooling themselves that the road to victory is paved with pandering.

I supported Gore's presidential aspirations in 1988, and I would love to see him, twenty years later, succeeding in them. For reasons why, click on the link at the upper left of this blog.



Blogger Left of Center said...

I'm liking Al for another run more and more. With the right running mate I think he could do it.

7:37 AM  
Blogger mikevotes said...

Run, Al, Run. I have been unabashed in my Gore support over the last six months. My fear is that I'm building him up too big.


9:24 AM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

I had lunch with a Republican friend of mine today who is very well-connected throughout Dallas society. She told me several interesting things. One, she is extremely uncomfortable with John McCain. Two, she told me that a good friend of hers who is one of the most prominent Dallasites in the Democratic Party (her father was before her, and during the months before he died received regular checkup calls from Bill Clinton) is enthusiastic about the possibility of getting Gore to run.

6:21 PM  

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