Tuesday, May 9


Says he could stand down next summer.

During the Clinton years Tony Blair was widely viewed as a progressive leader for Great Britain. What a fool he was to hitch his wagon to George W.'s falling star.

Although he refused to set a timetable for his departure, saying that it would paralyse government, he anointed Gordon Brown as his successor and promised to give him sufficient time to establish himself before the next election.

Tony Blair was in no mood for compromise yesterday
As the Labour Party stood on the brink of civil war over the timing of the succession, the Prime Minister acknowledged that he could not go on to the end of his third term, which could last until 2009 or even 2010. He appealed to the party to calm down and trust him to "honour" his commitment to ensure a stable and orderly transition, "with the time plainly needed for my successor to establish himself".

At a packed meeting of Labour MPs at Westminster, Mr Blair spoke of allowing his successor "ample" time, saying that he wanted his legacy to be a "fourth term for Labour".



Blogger mikevotes said...

I haven't kept up with this story line too closely, but I keep wondering what Gordon Brown feels about all this.

The original deal when Brown gave Blair the endorsement was that Blair would serve a while and then he would step aside and let Brown take over, but what kind of labour party will brown be inheriting, assuming Blair ever does step aside?


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