Tuesday, May 16


National Journal's cover story "Can Republicans Get Their Groove Back?" is an interesting summary of GOP problems in the midterm elections. Bottom line is, there's nothing much they can do about national issues, and their best bet is to return to their districts and get local.

But here's the quote I liked best, and the issue we should hammer at every opportunity:

"Ostensibly, the Republicans' problems are that people don't like Iraq, they are mad as hell at gasoline prices, and they've never gotten over the response to Hurricane Katrina," says Democratic consultant Bill Carrick, who is based in California. "But really, it's more basic than that. They control everything in the federal government. That means that every failure of government -- hell, every crisis in the world -- is theirs to deal with."

The Rethuglicans have controlled the ball for six seasons and fumbled badly, repeatedly. We desperately need a new coach but he has an iron-clad contract for another two and a half years. The only thing left is to buy a new team. (Can you tell I'm longing for the football season to start?)


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