Sunday, May 28


Much has been written about Republican voter disaffection with the current Republican leadership both in the White House and Congress. It's been suggested that some conservatives may sit out the midterm elections, thus enhancing Democratic chances of retaking a Congressional majority.

But I'm perceiving among progressive a similar anger against Congressional Democrats. Perhaps we're still more motivated to vote because of the horror of the Bush administration and Rethuglican record over the past six years, but there are months to go before the elections, and I, like others, am absolutely appalled and disgusted by the failure of so many of our party to stand up to the Bush-Cheney cabal on the Iraq war, judicial appointments, the Hayden CIA confirmation, the bankruptcy bill ... there have been so many, many disappointments!

I'm still so disgusted with the Rethuglicans that I will certainly vote in '06, and even campaign so far as I am able. But the fire is dimming every day, with every weenie vote by the Democrats.

Who do I still support and admire?

Howard Dean. The feisty DNC chairman has battled all the conventional wisdom to establish a 50-state strategy and speaks the truth articulately and forcibly in the face of media skepticism.

Al Gore. No longer part of the Democratic establishment, Gore has pulled a Jimmy Carter -- post-politics serving the public good instead of cashing in on investment banking, corporate board seats or lobbying.

John Edwards. Although I believe Edwards still harbors ambitions for the presidency (and what's wrong with that if it's meant to improve the lot of the working man?), he is clearly focused on an issue that is meaningful and important: poverty in America.

Ted Kennedy. Perhaps Teddy's personal life is rife with difficulties, but he has been a standup guy for progressives on almost every issue.

Russ Feingold. Along with standing alone in proposing a censure of president Bush, Russ has sponsored campaign finance reform. But beyond that, he has consistently demonstrated courage in so many areas, including defying a secret Senatorial committee considering an anti-gay marriage Constitutional amendment.

John Kerry. Kerry is now fighting the fight he should have pre-election '04, to rebut the charges of the Swift Boat Liars and re-establish his military credentials. But more than that, Kerry has asserted his claim to a position of party leadership (which Dems, as opposed to Rethugs, decry for a presidential nominee that fails) by continuing to appeal to his network of supporters on a range of progressive issues.

But these are all focused on the '08 presidenial election. Where are our Congressional Democrats that we can support in the critical mid-terms?



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