Wednesday, June 7


Ann Coulter is a whack job. Much has been written about her hateful comments about the 9/11 wives, but I've missed any commentary on the hypocrisy of one particular passage in her vitriolic tirade, when she declared that their victim status precluded them from the right to comment or protest because it protected them against criticism. Ann said the widows should "shut up and let Bill Clinton make the point."

By that standard, the Vietnam vets (in particular, the Swift Boaters) who derided and attacked John Kerry's military service and his candidacy should have "shut up and let [George W. Bush] make the point." Those who believe their marriages are "under attack" should "shut up and let [Bill Frist] make the point.

On another note, Matt Lauer was clearly adversarial with Ann despite his parting "always fun to have you here" comment. But the more important point is that Ann's book is now #3 on, due in large part to the publicity her outrageous remarks on his show generated. This despicable polemicist who touts her "Christianity" while dressing like a tramp and preaching a gospel of hatred is continually given air time (nearly eight minutes ALONE on Today) by network and cable news and talk shows to promote her radical right beliefs and fact-deprived books.

After talk show host Michael Savage made his ugly remark to a gay caller, "get AIDS and die," he was fired by MSNBC and has been almost completely dropped from even conservative television shows. Yet Coulter continues to make frequent appearances in mainstream media outlets.

She may continue to be embraced by Rush, Sean and their ilk, but this latest outrage should finally and forever end her sweetheart status among people of any conscience, making her a pariah and a byword among reputable people.

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