Friday, June 23


Over at Bad Attitudes, Wayne Uff has the right plan to defeat al Qaeda:

10. In the Cold War, we defeated a much more dangerous enemy than al Qaeda. The Soviet Union was a thousand times stronger than al Qaeda is.

11. How did we win the Cold War, and how can we defeat al Qaeda? Containment. Tough, hard, patient work that takes generations. Surround the enemy, more or less, and let them see your system — for economic and democratic progress -- work, so that the enemy can generate real change, that is, change from within.

12. Containment takes real tough people, strong enough to take a long view and not need to prance around the deck of an aircraft carrier. People like Eisenhower. Not impatient, unconfident bullies like W.

That's a sensible, proven strategy. We all know that Bush avoids things that take "hard work," but the Democrats should be different. If our party leaders would speak out with one voice on this critical subject, we'd take the issue away from the Rethuglicans. Dems may not agree on how to get out of Iraq, but they should all agree on how to fight the so-called "war on terror," and it's not by continuing to pursue a lost cause in Iraq, much less by invading every Muslim nation in the world and creating an environmental of perpetual world war. It's by active, cooperative police and intelligence work throughout the world; by creating a society here at home that champions freedom, economic justice and civil liberties and serves as a beacon to the world; and by lending assistance to developing nations that encourages the development of democratic institutions and an improving economy that benefits all their peoples.



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