Monday, July 24


The irony of it all! Bill Clinton is campaigning for Joe Lieberman.

This is the man who, among the Democratic Party, most vilified The Big Dog over the Monica Lewinsky issue. To watch, as I just did, Clinton noting that Lieberman was the first Senator outside Arkansas to endorse Bill for his presidential run, and embracing "Bush's favorite Democrat," was on the surface inexplicable. Some I have heard on cable news TV have speculated that Clinton has made a deal with Lieberman that if he helps Joe it will obligate Lieberman to support a presidential run by Hillary, and suggesting that Joe and Hil have taken the same stance on the Iraqi issue. That's nonsense -- Hillary at least has been openly critical of Bush's prosecution of the Iraq war, which Joe has not.

But Clinton's speech was mostly about how he was a much better president than George W. Bush, that Bush has messed up the economy, etc. But Clinton has said he will support the Democratic nominee for Connecticut Senator. He could easily make the same speech (with some minor revisions) about Ned Lamont.

Let's hope he gets that opportunity.



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