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Heard Sean Hannity going off on KOS this afternoon. He started by blasting Jon Tester (D), president of the Montana Senate, who currently leads incumbent Sen. Conrad Burns (R) in the polls for the U.S. Senate race. This, in a state that gave George W. Bush a 20-point victory in the 2004 presidential race! Must be making Rethuglicans shiver in fear. But Tester's big offense, according to Sean, is that his campaign site has a link to Kos. Well, I couldn't find it, so it isn't obvious if it's there, but I wasn't going to spend a lot of time searching for it.

To paraphrase Hannity: See (as Dubya would say), Tester is just characteristic of these traitorous Democrats who are almost all (exempting Joe Lieberman, of course) embracing the treasonous Kos! Why, the Weekly Standard has an expose of Kos's terrible anti-Israel position.

The WS article acknowledges that the splash page of KOS has been bare of positioning on the current Middle East crisis -- "Perhaps sensing that this issue could highlight just how far removed the Kos community is from the American mainstream, Moulitsas and his other front-page bloggers have opted to ignore Israel's war. Combined, the half dozen front-pagers have written exactly one post on the subject. And that post, authored by Moulitsas, simply declared that he wouldn't write anything further on the subject." (Don't you love how they read Markos' mind?) But INSIDE THE DIARIES the real, insidious anti-Israel, anti-American sentiments of the Kossacks are revealed. The article goes on to quote the comments and diarists' essays most likely to inflame the indignation of those who believe there is no right to criticize Israel or its actions.

Now understand, I find some of those commentaries to be distinctly contrary to my own sentiments. But no-one suggests (other than opportunistic Rethuglicans and their right-wing media advocates) that they are representative of Democratic Party positions or even of the larger progressive movement. But that's exactly what Sean Hannity suggested, no, INSISTED, in the rant I heard. Forget the fact that not one approached the suggestive calls to violence evident in so many conservative blogs.

Sean ended his rant by characterizing the liberal blogging community as determined to destroy Joe Lieberman (one of Sean's favorite guests) in favor of "Ted" Lamont (Sean's clearly spoken misstatement or deliberate distortion), who he named as the favorite of George Soros and Michael Moore. (I'm so tired of the right-wing demonizing of Soros and Moore, who isn't even a Democrat.)

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