Wednesday, July 26


It was disgusting this afternoon driving home and listening to two of the most despicable characters in media/politics, Sean Hannity and Dick Morris, discussing the current crisis in the Middle East as a political opportunity for Rethuglicans. It's Sean's opinion that an ongoing war is a boon for Republican chances in the midterm elections since, as he said (to the best of my memory) that when you think homeland or national security, you think "Republican." Dick went on to explain that the fact that Iraq has descended into a gen-yew-ine civil war is a plus for the U.S. since it pits Shia against Sunni and relieves our troops of some element of danger.

So. A reasonable extrapolation of Hannity's remarks was that he'd love to see more people killed in the Middle East (hey, in the words of Robbie the Waiter in Dirty Dancing -- who was enamored of the writings of Ayn Rand -- "Some people count, some don't." Who cares about Arabs dying? They don't count.) if it enhances Republican chances of holding onto majorities in the Senate and House, Sean's all for it.

As for the Dick, he's patently untroubled by what Bush hath wrought in Iraq, much less its implications for the larger Middle East. He lives in the moment, man! And since U.S. troop fatalities and injuries have developed into a distinctly unfavorable dynamic for the Bush/Cheney agenda, it's GOOD that the nation we invaded on the pretext (among so many others!) that we would establish a pro-Israel, anti-terrorist democracy, has descended into open sectarian warfare since that MIGHT diminish U.S. casualties, thus (in his mind) diminishing the unfavorable images of our troops suffering and dying (hurting Rethuglican electorals).

These people are just stomach-churning. These aren't human lives at stake, they're just pawns in a cosmic chess game.


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