Friday, August 4


A friend just sent me the following e-mail: "Even though I don't do bumper stickers, I'm tempted to paper the house with these."

Me too.

[These bumper stickers were compiled by Jerry Paull, a former Methodist minister in Lakeside, Ohio, who writes: "The following actual bumper stickers are now on cars. I didn't write any of them. I'm only the messenger. If they make you laugh, good. If they make you cry, good."]

* At least in Vietnam, Bush had an exit strategy
* Blind faith in bad leadership is not patriotism
* If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention
* If you supported Bush, a yellow ribbon won't make up for it
* Poverty, healthcare and homelessness are moral issues
* Of course it hurts. You're getting screwed by an elephant
* Bush lied, and you know it
* Religious fundamentalism: A threat abroad, a threat at home
* God bless everyone (no exceptions)
* Bush spent your Social Security on his war
* Pro America, anti Bush
* Who would Jesus bomb?
* If you support Bush's war, why are you still here? Shut up and ship out
* Feel safer now?
* I'd rather have a president who screwed his intern than one who screwed his country
* Jesus was a social activist -- that is a liberal
* My values? Free speech. Equality. Liberty. Education. Tolerance
* Is it 2008 yet?
* Dissent is the highest form of patriotism -- Thomas Jefferson
* Don't blame me. I voted against Bush -- twice!
* Annoy a conservative; think for yourself
* Visualize impeachment
* Hey Bush! Where's Bin Laden?
* Corporate media = mass mind control
* Stop mad cowboy disease
* George W. Bush: Making terrorists faster than he can kill them
* Keep your theocracy off my democracy
* Democrats are sexy. Whoever heard of a good piece of elephant?
* Corporate media: Weapons of mass deception
* Don't confuse dying for oil with fighting for freedom
* Stem cell research is pro life
* Hate, greed, ignorance: Weapons of mass destruction
* Honor our troops -- demand the truth
* Rebuild Iraq? Why not spend $87 billion on America?
* Fact: Bush oil -- 1999, $19 barrel; 2006, $70 barrel
* The last time religion controlled politics, people got burned at the stake
* How on earth can 59,411,287 people be so dumb?


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