Thursday, August 17


Chuck Todd of National Journal caught my eye with this super-whopper:

It's no secret that the problems for the GOP stem from one issue: Iraq.

It's the reason why President Bush's job-approval ratings haven't risen out of the 30s, even in a week when he and his chief global ally, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, helped thwart another Sept. 11.
[Emphasis mine]

Yeah, right, AS IF Bush "helped thwart" anything except the brush growing on his Prairie Chapel Ranch, where he was vacationing.

As Larisa Alexandrovna says on The Huffington Post, "We know that the White House only had scant details of this plot until late last week and only more into the weekend. The investigation is alleged to have been going on abroad since late last year, yet the arrests were made within days of the White House briefing."

Yeah, Bush got briefed, his minions -- Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Tony Snow -- got busy on the phones with reporters and Joe Lieberman, and then "presto!" the announcement of arrests and the plot followed.

Read the rest of Larisa's post.

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