Thursday, August 17


Whoo boy! When a conservative mouthpiece like Joe Scarborough asks the question, "Is Bush an idiot?" you know that Dubya's in trouble.

For the past six years George W. Bush has been the target of ridicule from liberal circles. But now, instead of laughing at Democrats’ ill-directed arrogance, Republicans are quietly joining the left in questioning the President’s intellectual prowess.
So does it matter in the end whether our president is articulate and intelligent?

You bet your life, it does. I’m not saying we need to elect a dork like Michael Dukakis, who famously spent vacations at the beach reading books on Swedish land use or was so overwhelmed with the details of the old SALT treaties that he would sulk off to bed depressed.

But when America is fighting a global war on terror where the battle is for hearts and minds instead of beachheads and landing strips, we need a leader who can explain to friend and foe alike why America is in Iraq, why we keep sending arms to Israel and why liberal democracy really is preferable to Islamic fascism.

Right now, George W. Bush is not that leader.

I don't believe Dubya is stupid. I think he's lazy, intellectually incurious, and has an ego that won't brook dissent or criticism, implied or overt. I see him as a son of privilege who has never experienced want, who has always had someone to bail him out of any uncomfortable situation, who has no knowledge of, curiosity about, or empathy with, anything outside of his entitled, advantaged experience.

But for now, I'll gratefully accept "Regular Joe's" contribution.

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Anonymous Libby said...

Yeah, he's not stupid, just lazy, uninformed, self-involved and inept.

10:29 PM  

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