Tuesday, August 8


Interesting incident aired on Chris Matthews' Hardball this afternoon. Chris asked a huge crowd of half-Lieberman/half-Lamont supporters, "Was it a good idea to invade Iraq?" There were absolutely no hands shown in favor. The most articulate guy interviewed, a Connecticut fire fighter for Lieberman, said it wasn't a good move, but here we are and anyone who thinks we can get out in a week is unrealistic.

A Lamont supporter said Democrats can't support a man who's the favorite of Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter. Chris asked, "What's wrong with that?" The supporter replied, "Hannity's a hater. Ann Coulter's a hater."

That's a microcosm of your Democratic Party voters, guys.

The Lieberman campaign's web site went down today, and they blamed -- gasp! -- Ned Lamont's campaign.

One exchange between guest Al Sharpton and a rep from the Connecticut Fire Fighters Union, a Lieberman supporter, favored again (in my mind) Sharpton's remarks that a man's former achievements and acts pale in the face of (he used the LBJ example) current policy position of said politician.

The punch line for me is, Joe hasn't rescinded the widely-reported option of running as an Independent. It's all about him, you see.



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