Thursday, August 31


Where have all the protestors gone? When Adam Rosenthal of the NY Times attended a recent Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young concert, he was struck by the fact that unlike the late '60s and early '70s when the Vietnam War aroused protests on college campuses across America, our current unpopular Iraq War has sparked very little public outcry. Maybe, he muses, it's because there's no military draft to threaten young people and their parents.

It is hard to escape the conclusion that Americans find it much easier to stay silent when there is no shared sacrifice.

He also notes how largely invisible this war is compared to Vietnam, when journalists were free to record and report on military actions. Today the military restricts media access, the president won't attend funerals of our fallen troops, and photos of flag-draped coffins are forbidden. I've said as much myself a number of times before on this blog.

Well, the World Can't Wait Drive Out The Bush Regime organization is trying to mobilize a massive protest demonstration on October 5. I'll be with them in the streets. Click on the link and decide if you'll be with us.

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