Wednesday, September 27


On The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer is guest Jerry Falwell. Wolf replays the video of Hugo Chavez addressing the U.N. and referring to president Bush as the devil and asks for Jerry's reaction.

Falwell: Chavez should have been deported, but instead he made his rounds of African-American churches, where he got standing ovations.

Excuse me? What is Jerry trying to say here, that African-American churchgoers celebrate and approve of a man that he (Jerry) thinks should be deported? Why did he mention AA churches? To discredit them?

This is more evidence of Jerry Falwell's racist center.

On his Hillary comment comparing her run for the presidency akin to one by "Lucifer" -- Falwell says [my blogging notes] he, "did not demonize her -- I would never do that to her or anyone else. I simply made a joke, she'd make our best opponent in '08. I wouldn't change anything. I think she knows in her heart of hearts, that part was a joke. I'd never call anyone a devil, there's only one devil and he's somewhere else. I have nothing to change."

We report, you decide.

This will tell you what you need to know about Jerry Falwell.


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