Saturday, September 30


So much for the much-vaunted "family values" of the GOP. They knew one of their Congressional leaders was sexually harassing underage House pages and did exactly zip about it.

BUT they DID defend the "privacy of the family" of one of the victims. Guess according to GOP values, a pedophile plying his business doesn't rate an investigation and exposure so he can't continue to frighten and threaten underage boys.

This whole story just makes me sick.

The national Republican Party, moreover, must especially be held accountable for concealing the presence of a pedophilic predator in the House, and for allowing him to prey for months on other children who were employees of the House. Speaker Dennis Hastert owes the American people a full explanation of why he allowed the Foley scandal to simmer for almost a year after reports reached Republican leaders of Foley’s follies. Foley’s antics were no secret; but they were covered up by Republican leaders for crass political motives. For shame.

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