Monday, September 4


E Pluribus Media answers the question with, "Nothing."

It's a terrific post, but I would beg to disagree in part. The Bush administration has accomplished, at least, the following:

It has turned a largely valiant, undaunted people into a quivering mass of fearful boogey-man spotters.

It has minimized or, at worst, eradicated some of our most precious civil freedoms, breaking the law and violating the Constitution in the process.

It has successfully prosecuted class warfare in our country, enriching the already-rich, diminishing the middle class and adding to the number of Americans living in poverty and without health insurance. It has presided over an economy in which wages are stagnant but corporate profits are at an all-time high.

It has stacked the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary with right-wing justices who will rubber-stamp conservative positions and actions.

It has advanced the notion of "imperial presidency" to a frightening degree.

It has greatly decreased the stature of the United States in the eyes of the world, emboldening our enemies and weakening our alliances.

It has weakened our pollution standards, increasing man-made health hazards.

It has made a mockery of the electoral process, successfully stealing elections across the country.

Its policies have increased the number and strength of our enemies, creating more jihadists than ever, and resulting in an increase in terrorist attacks worldwide.

It has increased our national debt by 49% and taken us from a budget surplus of $250-plus billion to a deficit of approximately the same amount.

It has polarized American society to a degree of incivility not dreamed of even during the Clinton years.

It has reduced the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division to a sick joke.

It has sacrificed nearly 3,000 military and contractor lives (and tens of thousands of Iraqi lives) and squandered $300 billion in taxpayer dollars in a war of choice in Iraq, and in the doing has plunged that country into a desperate state of want and civil war.

It has returned Afghanistan to a state of tribal fighting and greatly advanced the heroin trade.

It has violated the Geneva Convention and made torture an acceptable tactic of war and investigation.

That's only the beginning. You can add more to the list. I'm sitting here on a rainy Dallas morning feeling depressed at the recollection of all this criminal administration has accomplished.



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