Friday, September 29


Where's the "outrage" from the religious right?

These are people who claim to be "pro-life" and who profess to hear a "fetal scream." Yet they turn a deaf ear to the very real screams of fully formed human beings who are tortured in our name.

The religious right's indifference toward the ethical issues surrounding war and torture is hardly befitting those who designate themselves the moral arbiters of our society. If my fellow evangelicals aspire to be the conscience of America, they had better liberate themselves from their captivity to the Republican Party and to the morally bankrupt policies of the Bush administration.

I simply don't understand the "christianists" --I've decided I won't capitalize that word any more, as it indicates that they are followers of Christ, which they are demonstrably not. It seems to me that most of those who might be included under that label are being horribly misled by their leadership. And that leadership is filled with presumably mature Christians, people educated and well-versed in Christian literature, foremost among which is, of course, the Bible itself. There is no way that I can see that people such as James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Tony Perkins could not recognize that their positions are in direct opposition to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Where, then, is the disconnect? (I will not include the abortion issue in this discourse -- I recognize that Scripture can be interpreted several ways on that issue.) But when it comes to war and the treatment of fellow human beings, I just don't see how there's any way to apply the New Testament teachings to current events and still justify the invasion of a non-threatening nation, endorse (enthusiastically!) torture (of which the president will be the sole arbiter), effectively promote the endless incarceration of accused (not proven) combatants and their "supporters" (any bloggers feeling vulnerable?) and still call yourself a disciple of Christ OR an American patriot. And that's not even getting into the issues of economic disparity!

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