Friday, September 22


Moderate and progressive Christians are pushing back against the so-called "religious right."

"In many ways what you're seeing now is more than a first wave. It's moderate and progressive people of faith pushing back against the fundamentalism of the religious right, but even more against . . . subjecting our deepest faith to a partisan agenda," said Tom Perriello, a co-founder of Catholics In Alliance for the Common Good, a new group of progressive and moderate Catholics. [Emphasis mine]

Hallelujah. It's about time that Christianity ceases to be identified with the Republican Party. Can you imagine Jesus aligning himself with a temporal authority? "My kingdom is not of this world," he said. So why is the "religious right" trying so hard to establish itself as the ruling power of the United States?

UPDATE: What in the world are they thinking (and believing, and practicing)? Faithful Christians, please note: In a world where war -- and that means, in the current U.S. reality, the death of many non-American innocents (non-combatants) -- is the accepted norm, how can you defend a crusade against productive American citizens who just want to live their lives in peace. Gay marriage? Who cares? How does that affect your own heterosexual marriage? Abortion? I'll admit to a distaste for it in general, but how can you defend that stance while also defending the slaughter of so many ALIVE AND BREATHING Iraqis as "defense against terroristm" and yet trumpet your "values issues"?



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