Wednesday, September 13


Bill Maher on Chris Matthews' Hardball:

"If the president keeps having to remind the people that we're at war, then we're not. Our TROOPS are at war. We're shopping." Bill went on to say that if we were really fighting World War III, you'd think that the home front would be engaged and sacrificing, and we'd have a draft.

Chris says that if the Republicans squeak out a majority in the House, that means that more than half the American voters are voting in favor of the Rethugs. Excuse me, Chris, you're not THAT stupid. A single large district that votes overwhelmingly Democrat and a small district in which a Repuglican barely ekes out a victory does not average out to half of voters voting for one party, half voting for the other.

Both Bill and Chris are asking, where have all the Democrats gone? They agree that Dems are not making a counter-argument to the Bushies, that they're not on the airwaves fighting back.

You are both being ingenuous (although Bill is at least amusing). You KNOW where they are. They're trying desperately to get airtime, but Big Media prefers to give unbalanced visibility to our clueless president and his sycophants and mouthpieces. And Democrats have no radio or TV equivalent of FOX News or the mighty right-wing radio echo chamber. This "where are the Democrats?" meme is perpetuated by the media, and is at least partially responsible for the fact that Americans still don't know the facts about the Bush agenda or the Iraq war.


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