Monday, September 25


I don't get the lifting of the TSA ban against liquids and gels.

* Most liquids and gels, including toiletries such as toothpaste, gel deodorants and lip gloss, will be allowed in carry-on luggage -- if the individual containers are 3 ounces or less and if all of the items will fit into a single, quart-size clear plastic bag.

* Liquids purchased in the so-called "sterile area" -- the area of the airport inside the security checkpoint -- can be brought onto aircraft.

I mean, either liquids can be mixed to produce explosives or not, right? So what sense does it make to say they're okay if they're bought inside the security checkpoint but not outside it?

Sounds to me as if maybe airport vendors complained a little too much about sales being down. And as always in Bush World, the interests of commerce trump security. Or could it be even simpler, that the ban on liquids and gels was just another scare tactic to get voters' attention and now that it's turned out to be more effective at annoying people than motivating them to vote Republican, the decision was made to scrap it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lip gloss is back on the menu! I'm so relieved. [sheesh!]

8:13 PM  

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