Tuesday, October 17


Is the Repuglican goose cooked?

I don't know about you, but during the past few weeks I've been surprised by the animosity I'm hearing and seeing for Bush, the Rethuglicans and the economically elite among low-six-figure middle-manager-types. I'm talking about people who earn in the area of $150,000 per annum. The disparity betweem CEO/senior management salaries ($2-20 million) and that of average workers, the pay for members of the Board ($100,000-$300,000 for four-six days of work per year), and the linkage with the Bush policies of tax cuts for the uber-wealthy and Republican fights against a minimum wage hike seem to be taking their toll. I don't say Iraq, because the formerly-Republican folks I'm talking about don't mention it much.

Today I'm going, along with nine other middle-management types, to represent my company at a fundraising luncheon for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX). Several of us were laughing yesterday at the prospect of attending, since we're all extremely anti-Hutchison and anti-Republican. But we thought it would be a hoot to infiltrate the opposition and hear what they say when they think they're among "friends." What struck me as interesting is that I'm the only Democrat and progressive in the bunch. The anger and repudiation the others (traditionally proto-typical Republicans) expressed took me aback.

Then shortly afterwards my secretary, who has always voted Republican, came into my office and casually asked me if I was definitely voting for Democrat Chris Bell for Texas Governor. I said, "Of course -- he's the only candidate who isn't an embarrassment," and asked her if she'd seen the debate between candidates Bell, incumbent Rick Perry, Carole Keeton Strayhorn (Scotty McClellan's mama), and Kinky Friedman. "I saw part of it," she replied, and then went on to say, "I think every time Bush opens his mouth, he embarrasses Texas."

She's voting for Bell, too.

I'd be more encouraged if I weren't so cynical about the prospects of Republican vote fraud --


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